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“Understanding How Men Think” – Your-Personal-Relationship-Advice.com Blog, 03/12/2011 « OK, Get Serious!
Mar 12, 2011
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“Understanding How Men Think” – Your-Personal-Relationship-Advice.com Blog, 03/12/2011

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This is my response to the blog post / article Understanding How Men Think by @Love_Aid. I want to preface my response by acknowledging that all the bold advice text belongs to and is copyrighted by @Love_Aid. I’m weighing in on it because, well…I’m a man.


– Men are crazy about the smile of a woman. True. A nice, genuine smile – especially accompanied by smiling eyes (a little crinkle, dancing pupils for lack of better words) – is something that sets us more at ease. It’s not necessarily a physical attraction thing, but it makes us feel more comfortable with you and less like you’re doing a background check in your head.

– A man would do anything to make you notice him. False. A boy would do anything to make you notice him. A man is confident enough to know that he’s worth noticing, and that if you don’t, someone else will. In fact, a man that goes out of his way to do things that are really nice and romantic but does them too soon is the guy most likely to end up in the “friend zone.”

– Men hate it when you talk to them about your past relationships or ex boyfriend. Both true and false. It’s never more true than on the first few dates, or before you’ve slept together. But if we know that you’re really with us and no one else, if an ex is brought up once in awhile it’s not always bad. If you keep bringing up things that he did well or that you loved about him on a regular basis, yeah, that will irritate us. If you tell us you’re having an emotional or irrational reaction to a situation that’s sparked by an experience with an ex, that actually helps us understand you better and we appreciate it.

The man that loves you would like to be the only one that you talk with. False. So, so totally wrong I can’t even express how wrong it is. We know you have guy friends, and we have friends that are women also. Sometimes either men or women may have remained friends with an ex, but this doesn’t mean we’re sleeping with them. Do we want to be in the loop? Of course. But being the only person of the same gender that you talk to or have as a friend? That is a requirement of a jealous person, not a healthy one.

Your man also needs to hear, once in awhile, that you love him. True, sort of. As long as the “once in awhile” part is in there. We don’t need to hear it a lot. But we like it when you get naked with us a lot, that helps. 😉

If a man teases you, he might like you. True. Almost 100% of the time. We do joke around with female friends just like we’d joke around with male friends for the most part, although we’ll temper the vulgarity to some extent. But if he’s busting on you “a little extra” the way he might bust on his own sister, he likes you.

If a man tries to talk to you seriously, then you should listen, because it will not happen too often. True, but mercifully so. As a woman, do you really want a dude who’s serious or brooding all the time? Or do you want someone with a brain who’s also fun but can be serious when necessary? Most women I know prefer the latter, and most men prefer to be the latter. Unfortunately, as stated earlier, there are just a lot of boys out there. The boys will complain about the state of various things from politics to social etiquette to money to religion and more. Men may say and do things you don’t agree with, but they will take action, and if you’re the one he’s into, he wants you to be on the journey with him. Even at the times you don’t agree. He wants you to have a strong opinion, and maybe even argue points with you – but if he’s into you, whether he agrees or not, and whether he says so or not, he’s listening.

A man will not think less of you if you invite him out. True. But for the most part, we like to make a plan and invite you to share it with us. We don’t just want to delegate all the planning to you and then go along with everything. Well, those of us who don’t need mommy to take care of us anymore…can’t think of anything less attractive to a woman, but there are unfortunately plenty of guys like this. For your benefit, women: That is a Red Flag with a capital R. Avoid those dudes like the plague.

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